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Cuellar Endorses Clinton in 2016

Cuellar Endorses Clinton in 2016

  South Texas Congressman and former Texas Secretary of State Henry Cuellar has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President in 2016.

  Cuellar is a long time backer of the former Senator and Secretary of State.  Cuellar as Clinton’s state co chair in 2008, and he hosted Mrs. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton at a Laredo fundraiser.

  “In 2016, we will have the opportunity to continue the progress by electing a strong, smart candiodate with universal name ID, proven records as both a legislator and a diplomat, a proven ability to raise huge amounts of money, and ha strong voter appeal across party lines,” Cuellar said.

  “Our party and our country need Hillary.  I look forward to campaigning for her again and helping elect the first woman President in history.”

  Cuellar said Clinton can ‘hit the ground running both as a candidate and President.’

  “She offers poise, experience, and leadership,” he said.



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