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Abortion Debate Seen as Demonstrating Need for Alamo Changes

Abortion Debate Seen as Demonstrating Need for Alamo Changes

Downtown Councilman Diego Bernal, who is pushing for substantive changes to Alamo Plaza, says yesterday's debate over whether an anti abortion group could use a Jumbotron to show pictures of abortions during a pro life rally is reason enough why 'big and bold changes' should be made to Alamo Plaza, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The group 'Created Equal,' which is currently in the middle of a tour called 'Jumbo TV,' which uses large screens to show gruesome images of abortions being conducted had a permit to hold a rally at Alamo Plaza, which is frequently used for political and social assemblies.

  But the city at the last minute yanked the permit, saying that it did not grant permission to use the square for graphic, larger than life, depictions of abortions.

  Bernal says it would be outrageous for somebody even to ask to do that at a spot like Arlington National Cemetery, and the Alamo should be held to the same high standards of respect and reverence.

  "What makes this country great is the ability to say what we want," Bernal said.  "But there is also the matter of decency and respect for your fellow human beings.

  The Alamo is frequently used as a backdrop for political events ranging from candidate appearances to a huge open carry gun rally last fall.

  Bernal says the proposals that are being considered by City Council would make sure that the Shrine of Texas Liberty is given the status it deserves.

  "We have abdicated that responsibility over the last few decades," he said.  "This event demonstrates our need to have it."

  Bernal is pushing for 'bold' proposals which could even include demolishing some of the tourist-oriented businesses that surround the Alamo, and, in the eyes of many, detract from the gravity of the location.

  "There are moments where the limits are pushed, not to demonstrate, not to gather, but to be inflammatory."

  Created Equal says it is considering legal action against the city.  The group ended up cancelling the planned anti abortion rally, instead opting for a march through downtown.






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