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Man's Dreams of Armed Robbery Go Horribly Wrong

Man's Dreams of Armed Robbery Go Horribly Wrong

  An armed robber hadn't quite thought his heist through, Bexar County Sheriff's Deputies say.

  Officials say Chris Martinez, 20, pulled a gun on a clerk early this morning and robbed a 7-11 store at Highway 281 and Bulverde Road on the far north side.

  But things went south from there...literally.

  Deputies say Martinez attempted to make his getaway by driving southbound in the northbound lanes of 281.

  When he was pulled over in an HEB parking lot following a short chase, officers found the gun and the cash and merchandise that had been stolen from the 7-11 inside his car.

  They also found out that the car itself had been stolen earlier in the evening.

  Martinez is held in the Bexar County Jail on aggravated robbery charges.  Additional charges are expected.


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